Summer In The City

summer in the city summer in the city summer in the city

That was some days ago. I wanted to find some cool area for photo shooting and decided that the forest near our house would be a great idea. So we started photo shooting. There were a lot of people riding bikes, so it annoyed me a bit, since it was difficult to catch a moment. But in the end everything worked out and I got a lot of good pictures.

summer in the city summer in the city summer in the city

To be honest, until now, I did not believe that where I am now, there are people willing to give you a smile and cheerfulness for the remainder of the day. I think that people can just look at you, when you take pictures, and all. What I mean here? We met a little girl about five years old, who was carrying a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers. She came to us and gave me one. I smiled and thanked her. She smiled at me. A few minutes passed, the girl was gone, but then I noticed that she was running back to us. She wanted to give us another flower. I wanted to photograph her, but she refused. As I had realized, she was dumb, because she didn’t say a word.
For me it was very surprising, because the person without voice, did not evil and not limp, on the contrary, this girl had so many positive emotions, so much good! Many people who have everything in order, sometimes forget that doing good is a pledge of positive mood. Do not be evil, and never hesitate to do good!

summer in the city summer in the city

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