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Charmed, Or How To Be A Teen-Witch. Part I.



Do you think about “magic power” or witches sometimes? I am. I think about magic and being witch all the time. I dream to have a room or a house in “witchy style”, I mean house, which is decorated with violet stuff, because “witch” or “magic” – is violet color for me. Also, this style includes different types of symbols:
Stars, moon&sun




and other…

I love all these symbols.
Books about stones and about different things such as spirituality and divination can be an amazing decoration for your “magic room“. You can use posters with moon or sun drawings, curtains with an unusual ornament and of course, CANDLES! Various incense will make the room cozier. Actually, you can find all this stuff I’m talking about on the collages.
P.S.: credits to Urban Outfitters

“Picnic At Hanging Rock”

Good afternoon, guyzz! I watched a movie called “Picnic At Hanging Rock” (1975) some days ago and realized that the style of girls’ rooms in a boarding house is magical (by the way, when I watch movies, I always pay attention to a design of a room of a protagonist or a hero, do not know why 🙂 ).

Picnic At Hanging Rock

Some information about the movie itself:
The action takes place in a boarding house for girls, where its head is a strong, a little heavy-handed woman, sticking to the Victorian style. She tells girls to wear white gloves, teach poetry of famous poets, thereby forcing them and making it impossible to them to become individual personalities. Girls go for a Picnic at Hanging Rock on St. Valentine’s day. Four girls go for a walk a few hours later. As a result, three of them are lost and their math teacher is lost too. (One girl watch the math teacher walking without drawers, adoring!) Nobody can find the girls and their teacher. This incident remains a mystery, a mystery of Hanging Rock.
In fact, I recommend you to see this movie, because there are a lot of exciting details! (also you can pre-read in wikipedia about this movie, because there is a lot of spectacular information).

Collage of a room, styled in PHR style
Now let’s talk about the “style” and about this post:

The film doesn’t only affect the accident at the rock, but also it affects the relationships of girls with each other and with their teachers. I think, that a room style depends on its owner character. The girls’ rooms are furnished with very romantic, girlish furniture; the rooms include flowers, canopies, iron beds in white or black. I hope you understand what I mean. I’d decided to try to repeat their interiors and created a  “how it can be in real life” room. (credits to IKEA)
Hope you like it.
See you