Collages. Part 1

Hey! How do you “collect” your dreams? Do you? Cause I have a lot of dreams and thoughts. So not long ago I’ve created a new way for me(!) of collecting my “dreams and thoughts”. COLLAGING! 

There are two themes of collaging for me (just for now):

room design

my ‘wishlist’ 


1. Choose a theme.

It can be your own ‘wishlist’, your thoughts about something very special, ideas for the presents to your friends and family. !WHATEVER!

2. Choose materials.

You like brown ‘craft’ paper or basic white? Colored or b&w? Will you draw with pencils, pens or markers? Do you like decorating stuff with glitter or do you like minimalism? Maybe there will be some pink sparkles? Or not? Choose what you like. Don’t try to make your collage to look like somebody else’s, don’t forget about your individuality!

3. Pics or photos.

I like to cut off different pictures from the magazines, ‘mix and match’ them, and then glue them. Some people like to put photos of themselves or people they like. Somebody likes… Glue what you want:)

4. Find a comfortable space.
It can be your table, your bed, armchair in the kitchen or your wardrobe 🙂
5. Search for inspirational pics.
If you have some inspiration it will be easier for you to understand what you want.
Now you are ready. I wish you GOODLUCK!
P.S.: send photos of your collages in comments. I’m very interested<3

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