80’s, or How I Like Red

Yesterday I found my grandma’s red striped blouse. When I was trying it on six months or a year ago, it did’t fit me, that was why I was a bit upset.

But this time was different. I put it on, and realized that it was right for me! It was so cool, you would know! Later I remembered that I have a burgundy skirt and red belt with a very nice buckle. All things united in one set. I really like the result, as well as my mom and grandmother do.

Maybe about a year or two ago I have found my little bible. Since that moment I’ve begun to love the style of 80-90’s and not only. It’s cool, because of colorful outfits, plastic vinyl players, The Smiths, Twin Peaks, funny patterns, special music. I love all that with all my heart. It’s not so popular in Russia yet.

That’s everything for now

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