Baby ‘s Wearing Blue Jeans


Today I’d like to write something about jeans. Well, here are 3 photos of me in 80-90’s style jeans. I love them, because they are very comfortable and you can wear them with whatever you want.

With what to wear:

Talking about jeans, I can say that high-waisted jeans are the most comfortable jeans in the world. If they are a bit big for you, you can use belts. Adding to the points of comfort of this type, I can say that you can wear it wherever you want and with everything you want. I wore (here) them with simple blue top and simple black belt.  There are a lot different jeans in shops like Pull&Bear, but you can also find some really good vintage ones in thrift shops in your city.

The color:

Sometimes there is a problem choosing the right color of your dream-jeans. They can be dark blue, or black, white, or light blue as mine. It depends on you and the clothes you have. I prefer light blue, because they are quite nice and I have a lot of clothes which can be matched with these jeans. Also I think, they can be recreated in the future: I can stick some funny termo-stickers, patches or sparkles on them; I can make Beverly Hills 90210 style shorts or use parts of the jeans to make something new.

That’s everything I wanted to tell you about jeans for now.

Blue Jeans        Blue Jeans.
Blue Jeans

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