Sweet Morning

Good morning guys!
Today I woke up earlier than usual, at 8.30. To be honest, when I’m home, I can wake up at 11, or even 13, but when I’m here, at my grandmother’s, I wake up at 9. I have breakfast, and then we go to the market, which is open until 12. Today we bought some healthy food: apples, cottage cheese and several kilograms of berries: black currant, red currant, raspberries and blueberries. And now I decided to make a post. About food.

A few days ago I decided to restart a website. No, it doesn’t mean that all the previous posts will be removed and the site will change its design. No. I just decided to start giving due attention to my website


Yesterday my grandma was making blackcurrant jam.The process was spectacular! 11 cups of berries were floating in a copper basin, we added some sugar and stirred it. What can I say about the color, I don’t even know how to express my delight!  The color was fantastic. (Look at the picture below) Then we poured it into the jars. I love jam, so it was very exciting to watch and even participate in the process:)
There are many different kinds of jam, there are many different people with different tastes. I prefer the sea buckthorn and apricot jam. I’m crazy about them. And what about you, what is your favorite kind of jam?

jam4     jam3

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