Soviet Woman


I haven’t shared anything since the last post (that’s why it was the last), but I’ve had a reason – school. Well, now I will try to find more time for blog, because it’s a place where I can share my thoughts and looks of course. And it’s just exciting to have own website.

I decided to make a schedule (but there will be some exceptions!).

So here it is:

Tuesday: sharing my paintings and other pretty stuff
Thursday:sharing looks
Saturday:sharing some thoughts or film reviews, or something like that.

As you see I do really try to organize not only my website but also myself.

About my look: that was Monday(?) when I was wearing it but I did really think that I was looking like a soviet woman: buttoned up silk blouse, thin belt, flared jeans skirt..doesn’t it look like it’s from 1970s?

And if it’s interesting for you I’ve bought this gorgeous skirt in Pull&Bear. They have some interesting pieces of clothes so you can buy some good jeans stuff here for sure.


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