January Art

Good morning, guys!
I’m glad to write here again (like a informal letter in my future state exam ha). I would like to post more here, but till some moment I thought that I have no time for it. False. I have a lot of time to write a short text, to quickly edit it and finally post it here. I just didn’t know about what to write. I thought that if i post something i need to write a huge and great essay with information which is new not only for you but also for me as well. So here I am, writing about some special thought of mine and thinking how to plan my day.

Here are some mew illustrations by me.

welcome again fu u again

I have already planned: to do my homework, read my new book (“1984” I haven’t read it yet) and to decorate a page in my ETTbook (EyeToTry book). That’s all for now, because it’s better to do 3/3 of your plans, than to do 0/27 of them.
Hope you have a good day:)

who r u January

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