“ASSA” movie

We have already written all the exams, so it’s prom soon. I’m excited, but not much, because well, it’s just one more ordinary day, which you spend with your classmates. I have already picked a dress, yeah, I like it.
As for my life (school isn’t my whole life, don’t you know?), I try to organize it. I feel like it’s a chaos inside me, but I wish I could get rid of this feeling as soon as it is possible.
What’s new:
There is a new heading in my yearbook (I’m gonna post some pages later)
I make some little plans for my summer, some of them are: working, working on a new project and not only this (trying to keep mystery).
On Sunday I watched a film called “ASSA”(1987). The director is Sergey Solovyev. I’m not going to tell you what it’s about, because I find it (the process of retelling) too boring, but! I could notice that I have some parts in it, which I LIKED A LOT. Two main characters (Bananan and Alika) are spending time together and start falling in love (or maybe not) with each other. The best thing is that how it’s shown: they walk in the park, it’s cold, so they are wearing coats (old-fashioned, from 80-90s), they take pictures together in a photo booth, they go to a cinema, explore the city, Bananan shows Alika a tube, which is used for talking. All this is happens in Yalta, the weather is bad, the plot is not so positive. However, their relationship look even brighter and more childish, because it’s so infantile. So isn’t it romantic?

P.S.: today I found a cause of posting rarely: usually all my thoughts and ideas I share with my friends, so when I try to create what to write about, I feel lost, because I have nothing to tell you. Well, sorry guys. I will try to change it.

(There are some screens from “ASSA”; the best in my opinion):

image image
image image
image image
image image

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