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French Mood

Hello, guys. I’m really sorry for posting nothing for such a long time, but I was busy with school. I had A LOT of tests, so I needed time to prepare. Today I’m having a test again, but it feels like I have more time now, so yeah, I’ve edited some of my photos and here you see: NEW PHOTOLOOK

I have a lot of exciting ideas for the next posts, so the only thing I need is time. Hope, I’ll have it. Hope, you’ll wait for it.




french mood french mood

Gold Stripes

The weather is awful.
My favorite is when it’s snowing and it’s evening, or when it’s early morning and a bit cold, but you know it will get warmer, or when it’s spring and you just walk and think and sing and dance, or autumn when it’s cold but the sun is still shining and there are lots of colorful leaves on the ground and it’s raining heavily.

Now I don’t understand what the hell is going on: everything is so unpredictably strange. I want to believe, but I shouldn’t.

Here is my Thursday look.
The schedule works quite good so far.



Soviet Woman


I haven’t shared anything since the last post (that’s why it was the last), but I’ve had a reason – school. Well, now I will try to find more time for blog, because it’s a place where I can share my thoughts and looks of course. And it’s just exciting to have own website.

I decided to make a schedule (but there will be some exceptions!).

So here it is:

Tuesday: sharing my paintings and other pretty stuff
Thursday:sharing looks
Saturday:sharing some thoughts or film reviews, or something like that.

As you see I do really try to organize not only my website but also myself.

About my look: that was Monday(?) when I was wearing it but I did really think that I was looking like a soviet woman: buttoned up silk blouse, thin belt, flared jeans skirt..doesn’t it look like it’s from 1970s?

And if it’s interesting for you I’ve bought this gorgeous skirt in Pull&Bear. They have some interesting pieces of clothes so you can buy some good jeans stuff here for sure.


Baby ‘s Wearing Blue Jeans


Today I’d like to write something about jeans. Well, here are 3 photos of me in 80-90’s style jeans. I love them, because they are very comfortable and you can wear them with whatever you want.

With what to wear:

Talking about jeans, I can say that high-waisted jeans are the most comfortable jeans in the world. If they are a bit big for you, you can use belts. Adding to the points of comfort of this type, I can say that you can wear it wherever you want and with everything you want. I wore (here) them with simple blue top and simple black belt.  There are a lot different jeans in shops like Pull&Bear, but you can also find some really good vintage ones in thrift shops in your city.

The color:

Sometimes there is a problem choosing the right color of your dream-jeans. They can be dark blue, or black, white, or light blue as mine. It depends on you and the clothes you have. I prefer light blue, because they are quite nice and I have a lot of clothes which can be matched with these jeans. Also I think, they can be recreated in the future: I can stick some funny termo-stickers, patches or sparkles on them; I can make Beverly Hills 90210 style shorts or use parts of the jeans to make something new.

That’s everything I wanted to tell you about jeans for now.

Blue Jeans        Blue Jeans.
Blue Jeans

Dr. Martens Boots

Today was a weird day. We decided to buy my first Dr.Martens boots. I had searched for the location of the shop before, so we went right there. We didn’t find the shop, which was near GUM. The paper on the door said that a new shop had moved to Pushkinskaya. When we arrived there, we needed to walk a bit, searching for the new shop. Finally, we found it.

The shop was pretty nice, because there were so many Martens! It’s my heaven, really.

I wanted to buy black matte boots, but we bought black smooth instead. I like my new Martens, but I truly believe that I will be able to buy one more pair soon.

80’s, or How I Like Red

Yesterday I found my grandma’s red striped blouse. When I was trying it on six months or a year ago, it did’t fit me, that was why I was a bit upset.

But this time was different. I put it on, and realized that it was right for me! It was so cool, you would know! Later I remembered that I have a burgundy skirt and red belt with a very nice buckle. All things united in one set. I really like the result, as well as my mom and grandmother do.

Maybe about a year or two ago I have found my little bible. Since that moment I’ve begun to love the style of 80-90’s and not only. It’s cool, because of colorful outfits, plastic vinyl players, The Smiths, Twin Peaks, funny patterns, special music. I love all that with all my heart. It’s not so popular in Russia yet.

That’s everything for now

And don’t forget:




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