Eyes Through All Your Life

I love this little installation, which is on my work table. An amazing eye, which was given to me by my BF, and a pack of plastic spoons, which are decorated with red permanent marker and my thoughts. The MYSTIC SPYRAL is a symbol of total control, which is given to us in our schools and society at all. It is like when you have some deep thoughts inside and you try not to show them, but everyone is just trying to find it out, just for fun, without going into details.
Freaky Tuesday.

Mystical spyral 2eye

January Art

Good morning, guys!
I’m glad to write here again (like a informal letter in my future state exam ha). I would like to post more here, but till some moment I thought that I have no time for it. False. I have a lot of time to write a short text, to quickly edit it and finally post it here. I just didn’t know about what to write. I thought that if i post something i need to write a huge and great essay with information which is new not only for you but also for me as well. So here I am, writing about some special thought of mine and thinking how to plan my day.

Here are some mew illustrations by me.

welcome again fu u again

I have already planned: to do my homework, read my new book (“1984” I haven’t read it yet) and to decorate a page in my ETTbook (EyeToTry book). That’s all for now, because it’s better to do 3/3 of your plans, than to do 0/27 of them.
Hope you have a good day:)

who r u January

There Where You Haven’t Been

blue mist

It was the last day of our trip to Tuchkovo. We missed the right (express) train, so we needed to go by the slowly own (2.5 h). It was 16:06, when the train came, so these photos were made approximately at 16:00. I don’t know, why YOU need these numbers and WHY I’m typing this now. I only know that today is my math course. Maybe that’s why?

blue mist

blue mist blue mist

French Mood

Hello, guys. I’m really sorry for posting nothing for such a long time, but I was busy with school. I had A LOT of tests, so I needed time to prepare. Today I’m having a test again, but it feels like I have more time now, so yeah, I’ve edited some of my photos and here you see: NEW PHOTOLOOK

I have a lot of exciting ideas for the next posts, so the only thing I need is time. Hope, I’ll have it. Hope, you’ll wait for it.




french mood french mood


the last time i was waiting for a person and drawing (the first one pic), a strange man (!) tried to start a conversation with me

waitingpeople FacesNOTLaces

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