About me

great to see ya!
my name is Yana, i’m 6teen y.o.
i tried, you know, to write something about myself earlier here, but i didn’t know how to start.
(let’s try it now):
i’m this type of a person, who wants to try literally everything. i don’t want to spend time just making and editing photos or just making illustrations. learning something new is much more exciting. i want to try myself in different spheres. that’s why we’ve made this website. i have a lot of ideas and plans, so it takes me some time them to be realized.
my website has four categories:
art – posts with my drawings and paintings, sketches and illustrations
life – where i tell you about my ideas, thoughts, or feelings about something (films, books, etc.)
outfit – i love clothes, ’cause you can transform yourself into another person, that’s cool
photography – photos of my friends and random people made by me on a film
also you can:
leave comments under my posts (please, be polite and don’t use offensive language)
use search, categories or archive for quicker navigation
use links on my other soc.medias to follow me there
hope you’ll like it/ have a good day!

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